Boeing about the 737-max and honesty

The company delivered large numbers of 737-max devices in a short time to airlines in emerging markets. It could have been foreseen that these airlines have little experience with constantly having to switch between manual and automatic pilot.

The idea was that the aircraft would have the same flight characteristics as the regular 737. That was not the case: it was difficult for crews to keep the device in balance. Extensive training for pilots was missing. This week CEO Dennis Muilenberg made statements about Boeing’s responsibility for the air disaster in Ethiopia.

Dennis Muilenberg no3

Last year 9 August after a talk of Dennis in CNN’s Quest means business, ChildinStress wrote a positive blog about Boeing. Following Muilenbergs statements this week, it is necessary to put in perspective the degree to which the company stands up for norms and values: At the very least, Boeing has to admit that the 737-max has been rushed into the market. In addition to improving the stability of the aircraft, Boeing should provide for a comprehensive pilot training program.

Bert Kerkhof
writes usually about technology, youthcare, the rule of law and childcare

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