About Bert Kerkhof

In the eighties Bert creates internet processes for reliable distribution of public domain software under the name Orange communications. For American popular magazines Compute and Compute gazette he writes programs, in the accompanying texts he explains their function for bootstrapping the internet. Thousands and thousands of people have exactly typed in these programs line by line. They have spread the basics for useful Kermit implementations in many programming languages and on different brands of computers.

Bert Kerkhof van Bloemrijke akkers te Norg

In professional life Bert strengthened insight statistics to compare earnings at the Dutch census bureau, in spare time helping secretary of state Hedy d’Ancona (social affairs and employment) to achieve better vocational training, equally for men and woman, to work in 32 productivity branches. The intention of the Minister of welfare health and culture to make quality health care affordable and equally available to all people, comes to realization in America.

After a cell phone provider goes with the Orange name, Bert analyses the payment system and gives the euro symbol (€) a place in the Ascii table. He programs a client terminal for international payment and receiving, now used by all small and medium size businesses of a world bank.

From 1999, crisis dominates the agenda. Rural society and the European justice system are hardly prepared for the needs of today’s parents and modern children. Conservative values, outworn customs and selfish interests prevail too often above human development and human growth. Bert advocates change and facilitates roads to recovery. He conducts research, asks offers, meditates and plans results. The works can be characterized as education, regulation and enforcement. In short he delivers desired futures.

If one needs :

  • a coarse or presentation,
  • an out of the box analysis and / or plan,
  • a long lasting relationship with a process designer and manager,

Bert can be hired for reasonable fee.

Region: Emmen, Netherlands

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  1. Is dit een progressief blog? Zelfs nu nog nu het Corona bedrog door elk weldenkend mens begrepen wordt?
    Benieuwd naar je songteksten. Ik zoek nog wat inspiratie.
    Groeten uit het wonderschone Emmen.

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