Ensure that Ukrain economy can go on

The Dutchman Derk Sauer became known as the founder of publishing house Independent Media in Russia. It started in 1992 with the publication of the daily newspaper The Moscow Times. The publishing house grew into an international multimedia company and even became the market leader in Russia. In 2005 Sauer sold his company to the Finnish publisher Sanoma for 142 million. At that time, Independent Media was publishing three newspapers and more than thirty magazines.

Sauer recently gave his opinion about the tense international situation around Ukraine, via the Dutch TV channel RTL4, in the evening program Beau:


Interviewer Beau van Erven Dorens:
Derek, everyone is leaving Ukraine now, including the Dutch. What do you think of the country being left to its own devices?

Derk Sauer:
In fact, an insane situation has arisen. America has been threatening Russia for weeks now with massive, deadly, sanctions in case of invasion. But the only country that is now affected is Ukraine, which is what it’s all about”:

  • KLM no longer flies
  • Diplomats flee
  • Military advisers leave

Ukraine is left all alone. The whole economy is collapsing. And that while the west says it stands firmly behind Ukraine. You would say: if you want to support Ukraine, you send more people. Then you make sure the planes keep flying. Then you ensure that the country can move on. The only country that is getting better now is Russia. And the only country that is getting worse now is Ukraine.

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