Strasbourg 2018 conference on shared parenting

Press briefing:

Use the captions button at the video statusbar to turn on subtitles. Use the settings button to choose the language: English, German, Dutch or French.
Video by Jan van Baelen, closed captions by Bert Kerkhof

Video by Jan van Baelen, closed captions by Bert Kerkhof


  1. Chantal Grangeat, vice president of the ICSP. 
  2. Michel Grangeat, professor of educational science at University Grenoble.
  3. Philippe Latombe, member of French Parliament representing the Democratic Movement.
  4. Régine Barthélemy, lawyer, board member of the French national Council of bars.
  5. Monia Scattareggia, manager at Themis, organization for Children’s rights in Strasbourg.
Edward Kruk en Hildegund Sünderhauf

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